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On this page I want to introduce to you some projects, which are ready or on the road map. To know more, use the links in the »Navigation« box. In the course of time, new projects will be added.

Delphi: File Transfer using FTP and Indy

Together with the programming language Delphi/Object Pascal are delivered the open source components from Indy for the internet communication. Though the Indy documentation is very voluminous, there is a lack of demo applications, which could make life easieer for novices in Internet programming. Therefore you will find here the source code of a demo. It was tested with Delphi XE2 and Indy Download is here.

Delphi: Secure File Transfer using SSH2

With the help of the Secure Shell (SSH or SSH2) protocol you can establish in a secure manner an encrypted network connection to a remote device like a web server. For this purpose, the open source library LibSSH2 was developed in C. Zeljko Marjanovic has written the adaption to Delphi. Now it is easy to make a secure FTP transfer using Delphi. Here you can download a demo written by me.

Delphi: File Transfer using SFTP and WinSCP

Another way to transfer data via SFTP uses Martin Prikryl. He has written a SFTP Client in C++ (C++Builder), whichs allows a script driven communication via SFTP: WinSCP. Though Prikryl prefers to integrate into the .NET assemblies, his application can be easily used to automate script generation and transfers.
You will find here the code of a Delphi application demonstrating the script creation and file transfers. It was compiled using Delphi XE. The application uses only the standard visual components from Delphi XE. As TFileOpenDialog is the only component specific for newer Delphi versions, developers can easily rewrite the code for older Delphi versions like Delphi 7.
ATTENTION: This application is not designed for a real world environment. It lacks all security features like encryption of passwords.
System requirements for the user: WinSCP (v. 4.3.9 or newer) installed plus Windows v. 6.0 or newer (i.e. Vista, 7, or 8).
Further details you will find in the source code.